Daily College Routine

Weather you have a plethora of deadlines to meet or you are actively involved in athletics you develop a more structured daily routine if you realize or not to accomplish different tasks throughout the day. This is an overall guide Iv’e found that helps keeps me organized and on task everyday!

Wake Up Early

Ive found that when I set my alarm for an hour or two earlier, get up and move around, I can give myself an extra window to get work done that I didn’t have time for the day before. This is huge and already makes you feel more accomplished as the day goes on. It can also allow you to have a relaxing, slow-paced morning with no extra distractions. Sometimes I’ll sneak over to the SweetSpot (local bakery in Whitewater) and get a hot tea and a donut.

Organize Your Room

Having a clean envoirnment around me has a deep effect on my focus level. When I have a messy room, it is a huge distraction that takes away from what I am trying to accomplish. If it’s the case when I wake up, I try to make sure everything is tidy for the day ahead. Make the bed, fold the laundry, clean your desk. Trust me you feel better when it’s out of the way!

Listen to Music

Listening to some good tunes helps to reset your mindset to be ready for whatever the day throws at you! While you’re doing homework or taking a quick shower, it can help you get motivated!

Eat Breakfast

Make sure you get your body energized before you walk out the door. I now eat Greek Yogurt with bits of granola bar mixed in before I head to classes.

Work Out

After classes finish up for the day, I head to the gym to keep energized before I hit the textbooks and study. I usually do an hour of cardio followed by 15 minutes of ab work and 10 minutes of leg workouts or lifting weights. Being a student-athlete, I have to make sure I stay in a good shape I’m comfortable with and that gives me energy I need.

Do Homework & Eat Dinner

Set aside time in your day to eat dinner and do your homework. Keep focused and try not to get distracted by your phone and social media. I know it’s hard but it’s worth it! Usually they say you spend more time on class work outside of class than in class and that could not be more true.

That’s it for now! Check back in soon!

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