College Self-Care

Tips & Tricks for College Self-Care

It is important to note and follow steps of self-care throughout your college experience. Personally, I have fallen off the path of self-care mentally and physically, which has lead me to slip in academics along with my extracurricular activities. Fall is in the air and the middle of the semester is approaching which means midterms are around the corner, so I thought writing a practical reminder guide would be an essential post!

Common ways to Follow Self-Care

  • Shower- Taking a shower clears my mind and centers my thinking to the present moment. It helps to feel fresh when your studying and cranking out papers. Fun Fact- you are more likely to think of good ideas that don’t come when your sitting hunched over a desk.
  • Read a Book- Getting lost in a story helps to clear my mindset. Diving into other people’s thoughts and experiences within the pages provided before bed can lower stress over that 9:00 exam the next morning.
  • Get Sleep- The more sleep you can get improves your mood, energy, and helps to retain memories. When I don’t get enough sleep, I feel lazy all day and preform less in the classroom. Avoid a bad habit laying in bed on your phone, which wastes your window of rest.
  • Eat throughout the day- Regularize your eating schedule and always have snacks on hand to stay energized. I have a habit of bringing string cheese and yogurt to that 12:30 lunch hour class.
  • Exercise- Going to the gym and having a workout plan can help your mental state along will help refresh your body. If your too busy to even take time out of your day, turn up a good tune and dance around your room for a few minutes. Nobody can judge!
  • See Friends- Chat, vent, have fun! You need the distraction!

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