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    Daily College Routine

    Weather you have a plethora of deadlines to meet or you are actively involved in athletics you develop a more structured daily routine if you realize or not to accomplish different tasks throughout the day. This is an overall guide Iv’e found that helps keeps me organized and on task everyday! Wake Up Early Ive found that when I set my alarm for an hour or two earlier, get up and move around, I can give myself an extra window to get work done that I didn’t have time for the day before. This is huge and already makes you feel more accomplished as the day goes on. It can…

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    6 Reasons to Join Colligate Athletics and Extracurriculars

    There are many beneficial reasons for joining a college sport or extracurricular. Throughout my four years of college, I played golf for the UW Whitewater Golf Team, joined Greek life for a couple years and was a part of two clubs including PRSSA and the National Society of Leadership and Success. These activities are where I enhanced my knowledge physically and mentally along with where I met my lifelong friends. Here are a few beneficial reasons I learned of why you should join that can help improve your character, knowledge and skills outside the classroom and create lasting memories. Time Management- You learn how to manage your time in and…