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    Luscious Hair

    During these colder months it is very important to take care of your hair. It can become dry and brittle with the lack of moisture in the air. Today I am going to be sharing all my favorite hair products that keep my hair healthy and strong all year round. The first brand I am going to be talking about is the Kristin Ess products. The One Signature shampoo and condition set is amazing to bring moisture back in your hair and get rid of frizz. To get extra smooth and shiny hair I also pair it with the One Signature hair mask. I apply it in the shower all…

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    Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

    Happy Halloween everyone! If you forgot to get a costume do not worry, I have some ideas that can be thrown together with things around the house! The first idea would be a nerd. You can just grab a white bottom up, a skirt, over the knee boots, and wear your glasses. Put your hair in pig tails and put some white tape around the center of your glasses to make the look even better! Next you can be a cat. Grab an all black outfit, and some black eyeliner. Draw a black dot on your nose and some whiskers and you’re ready for the night! Next you can be…

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    Halloween Hair Tutorials

    Harley Quinn is a staple for Halloween. She has a very unique hairstyle that many girls like to recreate for Halloween. You need red and blue spray hair dye, two pony tails, a teasing brush, and a curling iron. First you are going to curl your hair into beach waves. Then you are going to take the teasing brush and tease the top part of your hair. You do this by taking the top layer of the hair and brushing the opposite way to make the top of your hair bigger. Then take the pony tails and split your hair in half. Make pigtails that sit on the top of…

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    Hello to all my fellow beauty lovers! I am Karissa Murphy and this blog will be all about makeup, hair, skincare, and all things beauty related. This blog is for anyone that’s interested in the beauty world. I will help give you tips and tricks on how to recreate the current beauty trends! I will post products from drug-store to high-end so any budget can create these looks. I encourage everyone from beginners to experts to view this blog for fun tutorials or ideas to help make you look amazing! Image: Google Images