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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

Happy Halloween everyone! If you forgot to get a costume do not worry, I have some ideas that can be thrown together with things around the house! The first idea would be a nerd. You can just grab a white bottom up, a skirt, over the knee boots, and wear your glasses. Put your hair in pig tails and put some white tape around the center of your glasses to make the look even better! Next you can be a cat. Grab an all black outfit, and some black eyeliner. Draw a black dot on your nose and some whiskers and you’re ready for the night! Next you can be an alien. Just put your hair in space buns (two buns on the top of your head)! Put on all the green clothes you have and put some silver and sparkles in your hair and on your face! You can really make any costume by doing the right hair and makeup with just regular clothes! Have a great and safe Halloween this year! I hope these tips for last minute ideas helps you out.

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  • Lindsey Buchanan

    Hi Karissa,
    I love how you are implementing last minute costumes! Some costumes take so much work to the point where its exhausting. So giving people last minute easy ideas really is a beauty secret. A lot of girls these days go all out with costumes and I find myself thinking how long did that take to get ready? Giving your audience these secret tips can be very helpful, around the holidays especially!

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