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Amazing Besan Hair Masks For Healthy Hair - NDTV Food

During these colder months it is very important to take care of your hair. It can become dry and brittle with the lack of moisture in the air. Today I am going to be sharing all my favorite hair products that keep my hair healthy and strong all year round. The first brand I am going to be talking about is the Kristin Ess products. The One Signature shampoo and condition set is amazing to bring moisture back in your hair and get rid of frizz. To get extra smooth and shiny hair I also pair it with the One Signature hair mask. I apply it in the shower all over my wet hair and let sit for about 5-10 minutes while I shave and wash my body. You can get this brand at your local Target for a great price for the quality of the product. I also love to spray the Its a 10 leave in condition in my hair after I towel dry my hair. You can also get this product at Target. This product has made my hair grow twice as fast and leave it silky smooth. For higher end products I really like the OUAI hair oil. You put this in your hair when it is either damp or dry before styling. It helps take away frizz and moisturize your ends so they do not look dry and damaged. It also gives a great shine to your hair as well. I also am a big fan of the Kendra blow dry spray. You spray it in your hair when it is wet and before blowdrying. It has a heat protectant to make sure you are not damaging your hair while applying the hot air. It cuts your blow dry time in half and also smells great and makes the hair healthy and shiny. You can get all of these products at Ulta!

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