Halloween Hair Tutorials

Harley Quinn is a staple for Halloween. She has a very unique hairstyle that many girls like to recreate for Halloween. You need red and blue spray hair dye, two pony tails, a teasing brush, and a curling iron. First you are going to curl your hair into beach waves. Then you are going to take the teasing brush and tease the top part of your hair. You do this by taking the top layer of the hair and brushing the opposite way to make the top of your hair bigger. Then take the pony tails and split your hair in half. Make pigtails that sit on the top of your head on each side. Then take the red hair spray and spray the bottoms of the pig tails. Do the same on the opposite side with the blue hair spray. You now can add blue and red eyeshadow on the coordinating sides to make the look even more edgy. You can get all the hair products for this tutorial at your local Walgreens.

Margot Robbie Pushed for a Female Director on the Harley Quinn Spin-Off—And  Got One | Vanity Fair


  • Lindsey Buchanan

    Hi Karissa,
    I love how you are incorporating Halloween into your beauty blog. This definitely could be a staple halloween costume that takes on the “edgy” or “grunge” look.

  • Reynaldo Mayans

    Hi Karissa,
    First of all I am a little short on hair but Harley Quinn is the one that I notice in the previews the Suicide Squad and I did miss Birds of Prey. This post caught my attentions. I am sure that you are going to have many Harley’s walking around Wisconsin. You have a future in the beauty business I have read some of your earliest post and even though I did not comment they were also good. keep up the great work.

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