Hello to all my fellow beauty lovers! I am Karissa Murphy and this blog will be all about makeup, hair, skincare, and all things beauty related. This blog is for anyone that’s interested in the beauty world. I will help give you tips and tricks on how to recreate the current beauty trends! I will post products from drug-store to high-end so any budget can create these looks. I encourage everyone from beginners to experts to view this blog for fun tutorials or ideas to help make you look amazing!

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  • Nadia Foltz

    Hi Karissa!

    I am super excited about your blog! I am very into skincare and it is part of my everyday routine. I do my skincare right when I wake up and right at night before I go to bed. I started doing a lot of research and fell in love with skincare. I have been doing the same skincare for a while now and I have seen such a big difference in my skin! I also love hair and makeup as well! I am super excited to see what you post and look forward to your post. I like that you will incorporate high-end products along with low-priced products from the drug store. Thanks again for sharing!

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