Fall Nail Trends/Ideas

Fall is such a trendy time of the year! Nails can be such a statement to accessorize your look. In todays blog I am going to be telling and showing you all the fall nail trends that you need to get ASAP! Neutrals are huge in the fall time. Colors like nudes, browns, army green, burgundy, burnt orange, deep yellow, and black are very in. There are many different types of nails you can get as well depending on what you like. The different types are polish, gel nails, acrylics, and dip. First I will be talking about acrylics (my favorite). In the image below it shows an acrylic nails set with a super fun nail trend this season! Using yellow, orange, and nudes on each nail you can have all your favorite fall colors for this nail look! I currently have this trend on my nails right now using all different nudes and browns and I love it! For acrylics you may need to go to your local nail salon. Acrylics can be filled every 3-4 weeks to keep them looking fresh and new.

The next nail trend I am going to be showing you is done through polish! If you look at the image below it shows all the fall colors that look great on your nails during the fall! The nice thing about polish is that you can do it yourself. You can get these polishes by Essie at your local Walgreens. A helpful tip for doing polish at home is to be messing while doing it. It is ok to get the polish on your skin to make sure you are covering the entire nail. Once you are done you can take a Q-tip and put it into nail polish remover. Then you can use that to clean up around your nails where you do not want the polish.

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Gel polish can be a great alternative to regular polish because it lasts longer and does not chip. You can get a gel polish set on amazon to do them yourself or go to any nail salon. A huge fall trend right now is incorporating matt nails into your look! In the image below you have some nails regular gel and some matt gel. This look can be created by using a matt top coat to the polish. This can only be done using gel polish. It is a super cute way to have all one color but still have a different look!

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Dip nails are all the rage right now because it is much healthier than acrylics for your nails but can still add length to your natural nails! With dip you most likely need to go to your local nail salon. Dip can not be filled like acrylics can be but they do last much longer! In the image below it shows a natural color with a glitter on the ring finer. This has been a huge fall nail trend recently that is so cute to spice up the look. You can do any nail color you want and either do gold or silver sparkles on one finger. This is what I plan on doing the next time I go to the nail salon.

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  • Brianna Olstad

    Hi Karissa!
    I love nothing more than to get my nails done, especially in the fall! Fall is my favorite season because I love the style and aesthetic that comes with it. During school, it can be expensive to keep up with your nails, but I liked how you provided alternative techniques viewers can apply. Multi-colored nails are definitely a trend, and I’m LOVING the mixed fall colors. When I go to a nail salon, I spend way too much time searching for the right color. But now I want to show my nail stylist these pictures!

  • Anna Lichtie

    I loved this post! I have been debating what I should paint my nails for an event I have coming up and I got a lot of inspiration from this blog. I think my favorite is the trend to have each nail painted a different color, but all in the same color scheme. I also am glad that you gave some insight on how long these nails last and different options from acrylic to gel!

  • Nichole Learman

    I always love doing my nails/getting my nails done but never have ideas of what to do. Usually I just pick a color once I get to the nail salon. I love the different shades of yellow nails and will definitley be getting that next time I go to get my nails done at the nail salon!

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