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    Fall Nail Trends/Ideas

    Fall is such a trendy time of the year! Nails can be such a statement to accessorize your look. In todays blog I am going to be telling and showing you all the fall nail trends that you need to get ASAP! Neutrals are huge in the fall time. Colors like nudes, browns, army green, burgundy, burnt orange, deep yellow, and black are very in. There are many different types of nails you can get as well depending on what you like. The different types are polish, gel nails, acrylics, and dip. First I will be talking about acrylics (my favorite). In the image below it shows an acrylic nails…

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    Fall Makeup Look

    Fall has finally come! This means the beauty trends are shifting from bright colors to more neutrals. My favorite fall color is Burgundy! In this makeup look, we are going to use burgundy eyeshadow and lipstick to make a fall statement! First, you are going to apply a light brown shade all over your lid to create a base. You can use any fluffy eyeshadow brush to apply your eyeshadow. Then you are going to lay down your burgundy color on just your outer corner and center of your lid. After the burgundy color is applied you are going to use your brush to blend the two colors together. If…