Tie Dye Summer Fun and Fashion

Along with other music festival trends, tie dye is always a great look for the summer time. Instead of spending more money on a pre-dyed shirt why not make it yourself. This could be a fun activity to do with friends instead of sitting around together looking at your phones. Plus all your friends will have matching tie dyed shirts which will make for a really cute Instagram post when you are done.







Some of the items you will need for this project will be:

1: A white shirt (could be a tank top or a tee-shirt, long or short sleeves too)

2: The dye colors you want to use. I found a 5 multi color pack from Walmart for about $20. This might seem a little pricey but they are big bottles that you and your friends can all share. Overall you’re splitting that cost of $20 between at least 4 people so if everyone gives $5 it will provide fun for everyone.









Below is also a video of an example on how to do the tie dying process:

DIY Choker Necklace

A fashion trend that is popular lately is choker necklaces. This look was very popular back in the day during the 90’s and early 00’s. Since it is making it is way back into fashion, many high end stores are charging an arm and a leg for something as simple as string. For example, a store like Nordstrom I found online charged $28.00 for a necklace like this:




This necklace is so simple to recreate for way less. What you need is leather trim. You can get two yards worth for only $2.99 at Jo Ann Fabrics. This is the part where you can add your own style to it. You can make it how long or short you wish. Once you know your desired length just cut off any extra length. Next you simply wrap it around your neck how ever tight or loose. There you have it! Your own long string cocker. The nice thing about this style of choker is the different possibilities with tying it. You can have a loose knot like the picture shows or you can tie it into a bow because that is another look at is popular.




Another style of chokers that can be a DIY is a band with a charm. There are charms available on Amazon for about four to five dollars. Same concept as the last necklace, buying the same leather trim material and adding the charm. To make a necklace that has a clasp in the back it is also a simple addition. Once again found on Amazon for about $3 and can be applied to the end of the necklace, squeezing it with a tweezers. Overall, getting a look for under ten dollars when it could cost almost $30.


Soft Plump Lips

Having fuller, plump lips is the popular look among celebrities. Along with bigger lips, matte lip stick is the latest trend in the world of makeup. Therefore, you need healthy soft lips to apply the product on top of. Also because it is still chilly outside lips can become extremely dry and flaky. Having boring, pealing lips is not only annoying but it is not very cute.

The first tip is getting rid of rough dry lips. What I like to do is use a lip scrub. Similar to a body scrub, a lip scrub exfoliates the dead skin off. There are lip scrubs available in the stores but there is a much easier and cheaper way to make the same product yourself. All you need is equal parts of coconut oil, raw honey, double the amount of raw or granulated sugar and a hint of lemon juice. Mix this all together and gently rub around on the lips. Then simply rinse off the residue and just like that you have soft kissable lips. This homemade lip scrub is easy to make and use. Not to mention it taste pretty good too.IMG_0624 (The photo on the left shows how smooth my lips look after the scrub and before I applied any lipstick.)

With this in mind, I like to get a supple look without obviously getting cosmetic surgery. A trick I have to get fuller looking lips is to apply a lip volumizing gloss by Soap and Glory. It is called “Sexy Mother Pucker XL Extreme-Plump” and it has natural ingredients that give a fuller lip look. It is priced at around ten dollars which is a cheap solution to achieve this look. Also there is the secret of over lining the lips. This trick does work as well but only if it is done right. The way to pull this off is to only go over our natural lips at your cupids bow (highest point of the upper lip) and the lowest point of the bottom lip. If you only over line the lips in the middle areas of the lips it looks more realistic than going over the whole boarder of the mouth. (The photo below is what it looks like after applying the plumper and doing the over lining trick on top of it)OUWE9861