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This blog is focused on the current makeup and fashion trends that are happening around the world. I will show not only what the trends are about but how to achieve the look for less. I am a college student on a budget so I am trying to save as much money as I can and looking cute while doing so. My friends know it is rare that I pay full price for something. I always know how to get the best deal and how to stretch my dollar as far as I can.  Some might think you have to cut corners on quality while you cut the amount on the price tag but that is not the case. I love watching other YouTube or beauty bloggers and getting inspired by seeing some high end products they rave about and coming up with ideas of products that could be compatible. Also I love the challenge of “DIY”ing todays trends and being able to make it personalized for myself. So I will be able to show all my tips and tricks to be looking your best on a budget. Overall, this blog is a place to share my secrets on how to look good and feel good about doing so. Each week will switch from beauty to fashion you there is a variety of content.

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