UPDATE: Applying for graduation

I’m accepted!

I am approved to graduate in May 2020 with my Bachelors degree! I made a blog post few weeks ago explaining how I was applying for graduation, and I told you guys I would update you when I got my results. 

I got the letter in the mail from UW-Whitewater which is stamped mailed from Madison, Wisconsin. It started off saying that I applied to graduate next year. I am going to be cleared for graduation after this semester of classes. They will check my grades to make sure I’m on the right track and won’t be behind in credits.  

The letter listed the requirements of classes that I still need to take to complete my AAR. The AAR stands for Academic Advising Report which shows every college course you have taken since you started college. It shows you your grade, credit amount, and if you have completed certain requirements for major and minor. I have 3 classes left to take for next semester which is 12 credits. They all must be taken for my major advertising.  

The end of the letter listed lots of resources of who I could talk to if I’m having problems with my schedule or if something has changed to switch my graduation date.  

Overall, this took about a month to get my letter in the mail for this process. I haven’t received an email so I’m not sure if I will. My goal now is to just make sure I can pass my classes and do the best I can to graduate on time. 

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