Midterm Week

How to get through it efficiently

I can’t believe we are having midterms already which means we are halfway through the semester! Midterms is a big time during the year because this is what shows how much knowledge we have learned from our classes. Multiple exams at once is super stressful and time consuming. I came up with some tips on how to make midterm week easier! 

Tip 1. Be confident  

I used to be so down on myself because I thought I didn’t study good enough, so I talked myself into failing. It’s so easy to get in your head, but it’s not worth it. I personally am trying to be more confident when I’m preparing for an exam. I tell myself it’s okay and I am going to do great. It allows myself to not only feel about it, but it calms me down to not worry.  

Tip 2. Get enough sleep 

Studying for exams takes up a big majority of time which isn’t good for your brain. Our brain needs rest at times, and it crashes if we aren’t getting good sleep. Make sure to fit in a well number of hours of sleep and naps while studying. It’s okay to breaks because we need it.  

Tip 3. Manage your time 

When having exams at the same time it’s tricky on which one to study for and when. I came up with a chart in my planner that marks which day I should study for which exam.  





FRIDAY: nothing 

This method is helpful to me because it helps me sort out my time. Not only does it help my time it’s a way for me to learn my information better. Studying for multiple exams in a day tricks me by getting terms mixed up. 

Good luck on your exams. You will do amazing. Stay positive.  

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