Focus on yourself

Through experience I have realized that I’m an emotional and invested girl that takes a lot of things to heart. If something is going on, I get distracted easily, because it impacts me too deeply. To a point that’s not good because it affects me as a person. Once it affects me, it will effect my schoolwork because I can’t focus. For the past month I’ve been going through something which has affected my grades. At one point we will have this happen to us, but we need to overcome it. As a college student we only get so much leeway with our professors.  

The point I’m getting at even though things get hard at times we need to try to focus on our grades because that is going to be the outcome to our future. It’s not always easy to be able to make up for a bad exam grade depending on how much everything in the class is weighted. Most likely the situation we are going through now, isn’t going to matter much in a couple months from now.  

Since I’m graduating this year, I need to do my very best to make sure I pass all my classes with good grades. My goal at this moment is to try to not have things impact me as much as they have in the past. I encourage you to focus on yourself! It’s the best for all of us, because we need to care about what’s going on with us personally. It’s able to boost confidence and increase happiness in all areas in life!

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