Emailing Skills

Having good emailing skills is a type priority to be successful. Professors aren’t going to take you seriously If the email has multiple spelling and grammar errors. errors are not for people in college. When emailing someone who is higher up, you want to make sure what you’re saying makes sense. If your email is full of nonsense most likely they won’t even pay attention to it because they have more better things to do.  

Overtime I really tried to perfect my skills of emailing a professor and making sure I know how to write a correct email that’s proper and formal.  

Here are some tips on how to write a good email that will be successful. 

– Proofreading 

This needs to be done after the whole email is done. I would read it out loud to yourself because it’s easier to find mistakes. I would also recommend having someone else read it since it’s easier to have someone else to find things. 

-Check the Tone 

Having a certain tone in the email can set the outcome. If you are upset or confused, try not to be rude or concerning about it. Talking online is different compared to in person so someone might take your tone the wrong way. I would try to make it as calm as you could make it.  

-Good Use of Subject Lines 

This Is the hint to tell the person reading the email what it’s about. You need to make sure it’s short but able to show the main message of thought. If it seems to not be important, some may ignore it.  

– Use standard fonts. 

Even though bright colors and crazy fonts look cool, it’s not formal for a professor. They need to have something easy to read for them to understand.  

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