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    5 tips for great story telling

    Story telling is a lost art form that can be utilized for many different purposes. As a current journalist, I use the techniques in a literal sense to continuously generate news segments and tell useful and entertaining stories for the public. As a young entrepreneur, these techniques can be used for marketing, social media, branding, and much more.

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    This is for those who work well under significant and unnecessary pressure

    All my life I have operated on the “take it one day at a time and knock ’em down as they go,” outlook. This strategy has turned me into an unintentional procrastinator. I find that I often am completely engorged in a project… or completely avoiding all responsibility so as to not encounter stress until I have to. Recently I began to notice, after all the years of being told to be better prepared, this may just be the way I operate. Everyone’s hours of productivity are different, some are night owls who flourish in the light of the moon and are most creative during the hours others are sleeping,…

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    Small Support

    I was thinking the other day about how young entrepreneurs are often self-focused. This quality often gets a bad reputation for its ability to divide relationships and create an air of bloated "ego," but there is another not-so-great outcome for this habit. Solopreneurs are often overly competitive... they are so busy trying to be the next best thing they forget to support those around them with the same dreams.

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    Taking criticism

    I am a victim of taking the careful evaluation of others to heart. I ask for critique, but bite the bullet a bit too hard when they are too quick to offer assistance. This is a common demon to face as a creative. We are so sewn into our current projects that we begin to see the perceived value of the project as a reflection of our own worth. It is important to remain dedicated, but objective… at least partially to your work. Often times your work is not even for your own benefit, but for others. If you keep yourself passionate, but evaluative. It is with this mindset you…

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    5 Steps to Goal Achievement

    Goal setting is an incredibly rewarding, but often times nerve-racking experience. You set up goals and then stare them down with fear of failure until one day you may give up, or one day you finally knock it down. Why hasn’t someone made a step-by-step sure fire way to make sure goals are realistic and manageable? Well, now I have! I have always encountered anxiety when trying to fulfill my personal missions, often times being overzealous or maybe even underwhelming. BUT NOW… I follow this brief, five-step process each time I set a goal and since I have started everything has changed. Give it a shot! 1. Define the goal…

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    Success to Go

    As I have really started to think about the importance of preparedness, the idea of having a go-to grab bag I can take every day... started to feel valuable. Given I am still a student, my grab bag is usually a well prepared backpack. I know that whenever I grab this bag I will be prepared for opportunity and success whether it be school or work.

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    Often times as young entrepreneurs, we find setting aside time for friends, family, life, or even eating to be a difficult time. I have always laughed at business people wearing low glasses or pencils in their buns who say, "I'll just pencil you in" for a simple lunch break or family adventure. Until now, I never saw the value in penciling in my personal life and only reserved the date book for professional matters. I AM NOW A SCHEDULING QUEEN.