My Latest Practice

The last practice I had was with my roommate just before he headed out to nationals. We both started out just throwing the ball and not really trying to work on things but then later that practice something just sparked in my brain. I changed my hand position and I started to have a different feeling at the bottom of the swing. The hand position I changed to normally makes me get around the ball less than I was before, but then when I started to throw it with the weaker position I was still getting the same results. Normally bowlers have different hand positions to create different rotations and when I changed it stayed the same.

It was like a lightbulb went off in my head and I started to throw it so amazing. I still had some physical things to changed that would make my timing better but I am happy that I got my release down because it was really inconsistent. Bowling is a sport about repetition and being consistent. Bowling is one of the hardest sports in the world and most people don’t agree or don’t understand why. Bowling is one of the only sports in the world that you don’t see your opponent. You may say “well you’re bowling against people isn’t that opponent?” well you are right in a way but the oil is the biggest battle. Everyone is bowling on the same pattern but the oil breaks down in a different way on each pair. Getting to know your own game and your versatility and what your misses are is what the sport is all about. Oil is constantly changing and each shot that is thrown down the lane is changing the oil pattern.

My next post I will talk about different oil patterns and what bowling balls would work the best. I will also talk about what balls and styles of balls I would normally use on a specific pattern.

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