Optimist Club 2015-16, week of June 13, 2016

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Greetings Optimists,


!!! A Call for 2016-17 Club Officers. It’s time to create the slate of officers for 2016-17. I have received word from two club members they would be willing/able to be on the board as an officer or general board member next year, depending upon what time of day the monthly board meetings are held. I also want to let everyone know that I WILL continue on the board as past-president and will be more than willing to assist with weekly emails, web site updates and Facebook postings.  So…what would YOU like to do next year to contribute? Perhaps one that you’ve not held in the past? Please begin volunteering to be an officer for 2016-17. Contact me or Kim Adams if you’re willing to be an officer for next year. “Many hands make light work.”!!!

NFL “FUND CRAZR” RAFFLE TICKETS!! You can still pick up tickets for selling. We have sold (or are still selling) 85 of the 100 tickets we received. Selling all 100 tickets will earn the club $1,200. I’m keeping a list, by ticket number, of who has picked up tickets to sell. I’ll bring the tickets with me to our next meetings until they are gone. If you know you can sell tickets but can’t be at the next meeting, let me know and I’ll set aside whatever number you want/need to sell. All sold ticket stubs and unsold tickets must be returned to the SWIS District before August 28.

Upcoming events needing helpers:

***Gyro Stand.*** Teshona Bennett and Duane Dickens have started organizing the Gyro Stand for next month. We’ll need someone with a truck-type vehicle and trailer hitch to volunteer to bring the trailer from Jim McLernon’s place to Whitewater for cleaning and setup the week before the event. We’ll also need helpers to deliver product each day to the stand from where ever we store the items once purchased. Teshona has created a signup spreadsheet using Google. The link to this signup sheet is https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h4pGvt-JuUBRMfL2WD1KrM09hXE4QXprLhjBladIoDo/edit?usp=sharing.  If you have trouble opening this spreadsheet, let me know what shifts you can work and I’ll add your name.

***Jefferson County Fair Ticket selling.*** Sign for ticket selling is going very well. 30 of the 38 slots have been taken. Please review the signup sheet at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SDeuVZwl_Z75zxa8SxXP8PkcJTJoZetuZbEczlfXcnQ/edit?usp=sharing.  If you can’t help with the Gyro Stand, perhaps this is the event you can help with. The Club receives payment from the Jefferson County Fair for each hour that we have a club member working at the various gates. One day of work with all of the shifts filled can really help the club budget. If you have trouble opening this spreadsheet, let me know what shifts you can work and I’ll add your name.

Our club email account is: whitewater.optimist.club@gmail.com

Dates for upcoming club meetings and events:

  • Tuesday, June 21, No meeting due to UW-W “Plan-it Purple” use of entire University Center for the day.
  • Tuesday, June 28, Regular club evening meeting, 5:00 PM, Jessica’s Restaurant. Speaker needed.
  • Friday-Monday, July 1-4, 2016, Gyro Stand at Whitewater 4th of July Celebration.
  • Tuesday, July 5, NO MEETING!
  • Wednesday, July 6, Jefferson County Fair ticket selling/taking.
  • Tuesday, July 12, Executive Board meeting, 12 Noon.
  • Tuesday, July 19, Regular club meeting. Speaker needed.
  • Tuesday, July 26, Regular club evening meeting, 5:00 PM, Jessica’s Restaurant. Speaker needed.


That’s all for tonight.

Share the Optimism,

Dave Halbach

UW-Whitewater/Community Optimist Club


920-650-6089 or 262-472-5749

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