Meet the faces behind the wit and wisdom featured on the UC blog!

Lauren Roloff, UC Graphics & Marketing

Hello! My name is Lauren Roloff, I am a junior majoring in digital marketing and minoring in sports management and advertising. I am a new marketing assistant in UC Graphics and Marketing. I am excited to get started, get to know everyone, help with marketing all of the great events the UC has to offer. Outside of working in the UC, I am involved in many other students organizations on campus including Club Softball and American Marketing Association. In my free time, I enjoy watching Gilmore Girls, listening to Thomas Rhett and Demi Lovato, and raising sheep with my family!

Taylor MillerTaylor Miller, UC Graphics & Marketing

Hello! My name is Taylor Miller, I am a senior majoring in broadcast journalism and minoring in marketing. I work as a videographer in UC Graphics and Marketing. I really enjoy working in the UC because you get to meet great people and have real-life experiences working with customers and making sure they are satisfied with the finished product! Besides working for the UC, I am also the marketing director for the campus radio station and a member of the leadership involvement team. In my free time, I play for the UWW club softball team, go on adventures with my friends and listen to a lot of music!

Jessica Rossignol, UC Graphics & Marketing

Hello! My name is Jessica Rossignol and I am a junior. I am double majoring in Finance and Marketing, with an emphasis on Digital Marketing. I am one of the Marketing Assistants here in the UC. Working in the UC allows me to use my creativity to achieve a common goal, and I am excited to see where this year will take me! Outside of the UC I am a part of the Navigators and Pi Sigma Epsilon, and I love to travel when I get the opportunity. I also enjoy working on art projects, whether it be crafting or painting, and spending time with friends!

Veronica Wipperfurth

Hi! My name is Veronica! I am a senior pursuing a degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Media Arts and Game Development with a visual design emphasis. I am originally from Cambridge, Wisconsin and will soon be moving to the Kenosha area to pursue a career in graphic design! My interests include softball, bowling, biking, drawing, marching band, and of course, Netflix. I am also a huge fan of all things Disney, so hit me up if you’d like to go visit Cinderella 😊

Jordyn Dutkiewicz, UC Entertainment

Hello! My name is Jordyn Dutkiewicz, and I am a Junior majoring in Marketing. I am an Entertainment Assistant in the University Center. I enjoy working in the UC because I have met so many unique people, and love planning and promoting events to make campus a fun place. I love country music, playing volleyball, and spending time with my family and friends.

Ben Yang, UC Information Services

Hello! My name is Ben Yang and I am a sophomore majoring in journalism. I am one of the Desk Attendants at the UC front desk. I like working in the UC because the staff is great and I like to think that I make a positive difference in student’s, faculty’s, and visitor’s lives when they come to the desk, even if it is for the smallest thing. Besides working for the UC, I am also the assistant multimedia manager for the Royal Purple. In my free time, I like to hang out with friends and family and watch a bunch of television shows/movies on Netflix and Hulu.

Mackenzie Murray, UC Entertainment

My name is Mackenzie Murray, and I am from Franklin, WI.  I am currently a junior at UW- Whitewater studying Marketing.  I work as an Entertainment Assistant where I help plan, promote, and execute events for our University.  Outside of school and work, I stay involved in organizations and make time for personal hobbies that I enjoy.  I love to spend time with my family and friends as well as traveling and cooking as often as possible.

Stephanie Lutz, UC Admin

Hello! My name is Stephanie Lutz, I am a 5th year student majoring in public relations with a minor in advertising. I have worked at the University Center for a year and a half as an Administrative Assistant, then a Public Relations Intern/Student Office Manager. Outside of the UC, I am the Society Events/Social Events Chair for the National Society of Leadership and Success. In my free time I like to practice yoga, cook, play video games, and hang out with my friends and family. Fun fact: I can wiggle my ears!

Victoria Hamel

Hello! My name is Victoria Hamel, I am a sophomore majoring in Business and Marketing. I work at the University Center as an Administrative Assistant. My favorite part about working at the UC is networking with other students, campus staff, and various people from the community. I am very proud to be apart of a welcoming and supportive environment! Beyond work, I compete for UW Whitewater’s Swim Team and have recently joined AMA- American Marketing Association. In my free time, I am dancing around to music, finding new places to explore and doing yoga.

Brooke Bescup

Hi my name is Brooke Bescup and I am a sophomore Communications major with an emphasis in Public Relations and an Advertising minor. I currently work in the UC Reservations Office where we help reserve: rooms, sign boards, hall tables, and more all around campus, but mostly in the UC. Outside of school and work I love to hang out with my friends and play intramural sports. Also I love spending time with family and traveling whenever I can.

Lauren Wallace

Hello! My name is Lauren Wallace, I am a sophomore majoring in Marketing. I am a Reservationist and a Building Manager at the UC. Outside of the UC, I am a Peer Mentor and a member of Alpha Sigma. I enjoy going kayaking, cooking, listening to music, shopping (even though I don’t have money), and being with friends.


Hannah Keziah Agustin

Hi! I’m Hannah, a freshman Film Studies major with a Music minor. I am a general gallery assistant at Roberta’s Art Gallery, and a media technician at the Learning Technology Center. I enjoy working at the UC because it gives me the opportunity to work with creative people who have the same passion for the arts as I do. Outside of work, you will see me writing, making music, and taking pictures.

Kate Amerling

Hello! My name is Kate Amerling, and I am a senior majoring in communications with a public relations emphasis and a marketing minor. I am currently the PR Intern at Roberta’s Art Gallery. Working at the art gallery is such a blast because we have an awesome team and no day is the same! From working with the different artists to collaborating with the Whitewater community and campus organizations, I have so much fun. If I am not working in the UC, I can be found in an American Marketing Association meeting or doing social media for Intramural and Club Sports. In my free time I love painting, sports, and hammocking!

Jake Abezetian

I’m Jake T. Abezetian and I’m an MAGD major with a focus in animation and am working on a film studies minor. I transfered into UW-Whitewater for my Junior year and am a senior now. I came here because of the MAGD program and am lovin’ it. I work as a video production assistant recording, editing, and animating videos in the University Center here in Whitewater! I love my job because I get to do what I actually want to do for my future career! I’m able to develop a great set of leadership and people skills through the people I work with too. I also work for UMC here on campus doing the same thing. Outside of school I take what I’ve learned to freelance other jobs and projects. In my free time I like to watch movies (mostly Star Wars), work/mod cars, and bike around the town.

Jacob Bailey

Hello, My name is Jacob Bailey and I work for UC Entertainment as an Entertainment Assistant! I am a Sophomore at Whitewater and I am majoring in General Business with a minor in Economics and Digital Marketing. The reason why I like working for the UC is being able to collaborate with other departments on a daily basis. Having this opportunity allows for me to network and get to know all of my co-workers better! In addition, in my free time I enjoy to binge watch Hulu and taking part in weightlifting club!

Ryan Nissen

Hi! My name is Ryan Nissen and I am a Junior at UW-Whitewater. I am a biology major with an emphasis in cell bio as well as a minor in psychology. I am the Events Coordinator at Warhawk Alley as well as being a pin chaser. In my free time you can find me playing video games or outside enjoying our lovely Wisconsin weather. During the summer months I also enjoy doing landscape and astro photography. If I’m not doing any of those things you will likely find me in front of a tv watching any WI sports team! That’s a little about me!​