The Future of Magazines

I’m a magazine reader… or at least I have more magazine subscriptions than the number of books that I’ve read this year (it’s not a very high number). The pages are glossy, the ads are – for the most part – less annoying than pop-up windows and the articles are short enough to keep my attention.

However, the sheer volume of magazines out there can make it very difficult to keep up with all of the reading (I’m extremely behind on my GQ and Men’s Health issues). Furthermore, there’s a lot of filler that, while entertaining, gets in the way of getting to the in-depth articles on a range of current topics.

Enter Maggwire. The site provides access to articles online on everything from business news to healthy eating from some of the top popular publications, such as Vanity Fair, Esquire and Consumer Reports. But unlike other content aggregators, the site will even recommend reading for you based on your preferences. Their premium service, out in the near future, will allow you to purchase subscribers-only content directly through them.

So, combine Pandora with magazine content and you’ve got Maggwire. Take a look.

Thanks to Sharon for the link!

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