Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

We show our dogs love in a multitude of ways. Hugs, kisses, pets, every way we can think of, we try to show our dogs we love them. But how do they return the feeling? In this blog, I will talk about the many ways that dogs can show us that they love us.

Signs your dog loves:

  • Excitement
    • When you come home, is your dog jumping around and wagging their tail? If so, then that is a clear way your dog shows that they love you. When a dog shows that they are happy to see you in these ways, you know that they love you. Just the sight of you gets them excited and they love to see you.
  • Physical Contact
    • Some physical contact that they show might not even seem like ways they show that they love you. For example, if your dog leans on you, that is their way of hugging you and seeking attention from you. They want your physical contact but show it in different ways than a human might. Other forms of physical contact that might show love is by nuzzling up to you or cuddling with you.
  • Sleep
    • Have you ever went to bed and your dog cuddled up right next to you? This is a sure way that they love you because they need to have security and safety when they sleep. If they are sleeping by you or right up next to you, they feel completely safe and comfortable around you.
  • Licking
    • One of the most common and obvious ways your dog can show that they love you is if they lick you. When they lick you, it could be for a variety of different reasons, however, the most likely and common reason is that they are trying to show you affection.
  • Sharing Toys
    • If a dog walks up to you with a ball or toy in their mouth and places it by you or seems like they want you to play with them, this is also a form of affection from a dog. Since dogs have such a strong and meaningful relationship with their toys, it is a clear sign that they love you when they are willing to give them up to you and asking you to play with them.

All in all, if you think your dog is acting affectionately towards you, they most likely are. I have seen all of these behaviors from my dogs and have recognized them as forms of affection but when I was researching this topic, it is clear that this what they are actually doing. When they do these acts, it solidifies your relationship between you and your dog and makes you realize how your dog loves you just as much as you love them.