Photo by Tatiana Rodriguez on Unsplash

There are many positives to taking your dog to a daycare but there can be negatives to it as well. When thinking about bringing your dog to a dog daycare, it is important to know your dog’s personality and how they are with other dogs. In this post we will discuss the pros and cons of taking your dog to a dog daycare.


  • Exercise
    • Your dog is likely to get a lot of exercise at a dog daycare. Most daycares have multiple play times in a day and they usually last a couple of hours. In the play groups, they get a lot of exercise by finding friends to play with and running around.
  • Socialization
    • Socialization is important to work on with your dog and it’s better to start doing so at a young age. Socialization between dogs helps the dog get used to being around other dogs and being comfortable with them. It also boosts their confidence and makes them more calm and friendly. This is a great thing for your dog to learn and dog daycares will provide this.
  • Can help with specific needs
    • If you have a dog that likes to tear stuff up when you’re not there or breaks out of their crate, then sending them to daycare is a good option until they no longer do that. Another situation that a daycare could help with is if your dog has to take a medication a couple times throughout the day, they can also provide that service.
  • Safety practices
    • Taking your dog to a dog daycare is safer than taking them to a dog park. While your dog plays, there are caregivers supervising the play groups. These caregivers go through a lot of training on dog behavior, dog body language, and how to break up dog fights so they are very prepared to supervise groups.


  • Will your dog enjoy it?
    • It’s very important to know what your dog’s personality is like. If they are very social with dogs and love playing with other dogs then it might be perfect for them. However, if they are anxious or uncomfortable around certain dogs then it may be more stressful than fun.
  • Illness
    • Since there are a lot of dogs coming to the daycares, it is a lot easier for dog diseases like kennel cough or parasites. This isn’t a direct reflection on the daycares though because these diseases are hard to prevent from spreading when there is often a lot of dogs in a communal space. Many daycares have strict cleaning practices to help avoid this.
  • Fights
    • A lot of daycares have behavior assessments to see how dogs respond with other dogs and if they can handle large groups of dogs. Even though they go through these assessments, a dog could all of a sudden start fighting out of nowhere so it really is taking a chance. There are also some daycares that do require any behavior assessments and have a higher risk of fights and incidents.

At the end of the day, it’s important to think about your dog’s personality and how they will feel about being around a lot of other dogs. Thinking about this will help give your dog positive associations with other dogs rather than negative ones because they’re uncomfortable. Dog daycares are very helpful for a lot of dogs and families.