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Ways to Stimulate Your Dog’s Mind

Has your dog ever walked up to you while you’re busy and dropped their toy at their feet? This is a good indication that they are bored an want to play with you. When this happens, it might be better… Continue Reading →

Ways Dogs Show Us They Love Us

We show our dogs love in a multitude of ways. Hugs, kisses, pets, every way we can think of, we try to show our dogs we love them. But how do they return the feeling? In this blog, I will… Continue Reading →

Is Pet Insurance a Good Idea?

Pets are expensive, there isn’t any arguing about that. From buying $30 bags of dog food to buying toys and treats, its a big cost. It seems like a lot – until your pet gets sick or injured. Emergency trips… Continue Reading →

Is That Dog Toy Safe to Play With?

Like most things you give your dog, you have to be careful when deciding what types of toys you are giving them. Some toys can be too hard or bad to eat so it’s important to think about how destructive… Continue Reading →

How Healthy is your dog food?

Choosing a dog food to feed your pup can be a hard decision, especially for first time pet parents. A lot of dry dog food nowadays contain fillers that aren’t giving your dog any nutrition to your dog. Since this… Continue Reading →

Dog Names Through the Decades

Picking a name for you pup can be daunting because of the variety there is to choose from. Many people choose names that fit the dog’s personality or that represents their personality. A lot of pet parents turn to the… Continue Reading →

Are dog daycares good for your dogs?

There are many positives to taking your dog to a daycare but there can be negatives to it as well. When thinking about bringing your dog to a dog daycare, it is important to know your dog’s personality and how… Continue Reading →

Is your dog reactive? Here’s some tips to help:

There are two causes of dog reactivity – barrier frustration and fear-based reactivity. Barrier frustration can come in the forms of being stuck in their cage, not being able to get to something on the other side of a fence… Continue Reading →

Have you fed your dog toxic foods?

If you’re like me, you love to pamper your pup with human food from time to time. A lot of people might not know what can be toxic or cause health problems for their dogs. I hope that this blog… Continue Reading →

What does your dogs body language say about them?

A lot of people around the world own dogs. However, many of those people don’t know anything about what their dogs body language can tell them. Whether the dog is feeling sick, uncomfortable, or is starting to show signs of… Continue Reading →

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