Lester Holt shares feelings over ethics

The new NBC nightly news anchor, Lester Holt appeared at the Columbia Journalism School for an event of ethics. Perhaps one of the most interesting things about that was his predecessor is the infamous Brian Williams known for his ethical transgression.Brian Williams 2012 Shankbone.JPG

One professor  asked how the  NBC team moved on from the Williams debacle earlier in the year. Holt responded by saying that it was a family matter and it was difficult for all of them to get over.  I think this is so interesting that during the entire ethical debate this is the only time Brian Williams name was mentioned and when it was Holt answered it with very little detail.

As the talk continued there was still little of ethics actually mentioned and Holt focused on treating situations with compassion. With his promotion he was the first full-time solo black anchor of a nightly news network. He remembers his mother telling him a story about when he was 5 years old and Holt asked, “Why are there no colored people on TV?” He is proud that people are able to turn on the TV and see that now. I find this important because he went there to talk about ethics and ended up inspiring students in an entirely different way.

I am so happy that Lester Holt has been given this opportunity. I never disliked Brian Williams until his whole ethical situation unfolded. When I listen to the nightly news I want to make sure what I am hearing is accurate, like most all other people. This was not the case we Brian Williams we found out. Even though he had a major slip up he still left some big shoes to fill. Lester Holt has done just that and I am so happy to see him succeed, he absolutely deserves this anchor position.

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