URL trick causes lots of ReTweets

Last week a story was published from ‘The Tennessean’, a Gannett paper suggesting that the National Guard round up any Syrian refugees who have been resettled in Tennessee. The story got many re-tweets the URL that the story led to was not the one approved by the paper. 

One thing that the paper didn’t know is that anyone could could plug in anything in the SEO keyword part of the URL. No other elements were changed and there was no hacking, coding, or other skills required.

This seems crazy simple in order to do this much damage to the name of a paper. This makes me realize how easy it is to change things online and let them keep expanding.

Obviously this is a huge glitch and it has been fixed but it is interesting to think about how many other news sites have been set up in this way.


One thought on “URL trick causes lots of ReTweets”

  1. It’s definitely crazy to think that something that can be done so easily can change the name of the paper. That’s definitely a scary amount of power that anyone could have taken advantage of. Definitely good it was fixed!

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