Stone Creek Coffee is a bigger coffee company compared to Roots Cafe but is smaller than the Starbucks franchise. I personally love Stone Creek Coffee because they really do care about brewing a good cup of coffee. If you go to their website you can actually find brewing tips, on how to brew coffee with different coffee brewers as well as just find brewing tips that probably everyone should know.

Another cool feature that Stone Creek has is that their coffee is sold as whole beans, and not ground coffee beans. This is actually pretty unique and beneficial. Because it helps preserve the beans for longer. Now I did ask once if buying pre-ground coffee beans is bad and was assured that ground coffee isn’t automatically bad, it is just better to have them freshly ground before each cup. But it is not the end of the world if you buy pre-ground coffee. I found this to be really awesome. Now if you are like me and do not have a coffee grinder you can have the beans ground right there in the shop. Overall it is a really great system.

Lastly, I really enjoy the atmosphere of the shops. They are fun quirky and very friendly. I go to my local Stone Creek Pretty often and the baristas are always so nice. I always see them greeting the locals and even conversing with the regulars as if they know them. The coffee there, in my opinion, is fabulous. My personal favorite is the frozen lattes, Which is basically a blended frappuccino. I also enjoy a good freshly brewed latte!

Overall I really enjoy Stone Creek Coffee! Do you ever go to your local Stone Creek? Do you have a favorite Coffee from Stone Creek? Leave a comment below! Well, that is all for now my coffee lovers! Till next time!