Happy Thanksgiving coffee lovers. I am very tired this week and have no desire to post anything. But because this is for class credit I am going to post something anyway. So let’s talk about coffee mugs. 

There are all sorts of coffee mugs: ceramic, glass, stainless steel, Stonewear, classic, travel. The list goes on and on. I mean seriously, check out the links below, the first website lists ten, the second lists twenty two different mugs. Who knew?

10 Different Types of Coffee Cups & Mugs (with Pictures)

22 Different Types of Coffee Cups

Now as much as I consider myself a coffee enthusiast I had no idea that there were so many different types of coffee mugs. Personally, I always choose a mug because I think it is cute and or fun. Or simply because it has something that I like about it. I mean my favorite coffee mug that is my Mickey Mouse coffee mug. It has sketches of Mickey and Pluto all over it!  


Travel Mugs!

Now when it comes to mugs I don’t really have a preference if it’s cute or Disney it most likely will end up in my cabinet. But when It comes to travel mugs I am a little more on the picky side. I really like to have nice travel mugs because One I like for my coffee to stay warm and two I don’t like for my coffee to leak. Now I realize this is probably basic criteria, but I have bought travel mugs before that have leaked, all over my car. Not a fun time. That’s why I personally use Contigo coffee mugs. I have actually introduced to the coffee mug a couple years ago, and honestly, out of all the coffee mugs I own it is the best, I have a 45-minute commute to and from school and it keeps my coffee warm for the whole ride there. I highly recommend this kind of mug. You can actually get them off of Amazon for a decent price!

Overall when I think about it I honestly have too many mugs, I have tall mugs, short mugs, cute mugs, Christmas mugs. But what can I say? I think they are fun and very practical especially if you drink coffee every day like me! Well, that’s all for now. Do you have a favorite mug or travel mug brand you like? Leave a comment below if you do!