Ever been in a bind? Ever needed a pick me up when studying but did not want to spend five dollars on a coffee. Then you should try espresso in a can. There are many different kinds. My personal favorites are the Starbucks double shot which has 145 milligrams of caffeine and the triple shot which has 225 milligrams of caffeine. You can often find them in vending machines and at your local quick trip, they are about three dollars a can but it is well worth it. The double shot is good for a little shot of caffeine and the triple shot is a boost! They come in flavors such as vanilla, mocha, caramel, and Hazelnut! These guys are my personal favorite, especially for a late-night study session! 

Another type of espresso in a can is by Dunkin donuts called Shot in The Dark which has 127 milligrams of caffeine. They also come in flavors such as caramel, vanilla, and mocha. Now I personally don’t see these as often in vending machines but I believe you can get them at your local quick trip. I personally have never bought these simply because I prefer the Starbucks kind. But I have gotten Dunkin Donuts coffee before so I have no doubt that they aren’t good! 

The third type of coffee in a can I am going to talk about is Java Monster coffee. Now I am aware that a monster is an energy in itself, so what the monster did was create an energy drink coffee blend. This particular drink surprisingly has the lowest amount of caffeine which is 100 milligrams but then because it is a blend of caffeine and energy drink it totals out to 188 milligrams per can. I also have never tried this one but I have heard good things about it from friends. I have tried monster energy drinks so I have no doubt they are good. 

The last type of coffee I am going to talk about is not for a study session but for after a study session when all the work is done! This type of coffee is called pabst blue ribbon hard coffee. It is a mix between coffee, milk, and vanilla with a blend of a 5% ABV malt liquor kick. Now I personally am not a fan of PBR or beer, but I do find this drink quite enjoyable. I think it has a unique flavor and if you are a coffee lover like me I highly recommend you give it a try. Well that is all for now my coffee lovers! Leave a comment below if you have ever tried any of these drinks or if there are ones that you have tried that I did not mention! Till next time!