Taming Temptation

It is easy to give into temptations, Warhawks. It is especially easy to give into them when you are bored out of your mind in quarantine. Like most of us, this quarantine has consisted of taking lots and lots of walks, binge-watching a ton of tv shows, and trying not to go crazy while being stuck at home. Well during this crazy and boring time, it is easy to give into temptations. Everyone has a different temptation, but the most common temptation everyone has is food. We all eat whether we are hungry or not and if you do this, you are not alone. Heck, I am guilty of it. Below are ways to avoid eating due to boredom or temptation. 

1.     Drink lots of water! Whenever you feel bored or think you are hungry, take a sip of water. Water can help you feel full without you having to snack. 

2.     Do something to help with your boredom. Avoid walking to the pantry or fridge for a snack, but take a walk or do some other sort or physical activity. 

3.     When watching hours of tv, do an activity while watching it. Play a game on your phone, take up a new activity, or do something you enjoy! Watching tv can lead to snacking so avoid any temptation of eating because you are sitting and watching. 

4.     If you are hungry and want to make and have a snack, look up new and healthy recipes online of treats you enjoy!

5.     Last tip is to ask yourself if you are actually hungry or just bored? Decide what you need for your body.

            Giving into temptations are very easy, especially when we are locked in the house all day! Not giving into the temptation is easier said than done, but you will feel better about yourself if you avoid it anyway possible. Temptations can come in many forms. For some of us, it may be snacking or not being able to see your friends and loved ones. Half, if not all of us want to just throw in the towel and give in. Not giving in to those temptations will make you stronger. You know your body best and have to remind yourself if this is worth giving into. We have already been put through enough with this stay at home order, whether that is missing out on celebrations, missing your loved ones, or just missing your freedom. We don’t need temptations or anything else to add to our frustration. Hang in there Warhawks, only a couple weeks left of school and a month of sheltering in place. We can do this! Fight off those temptations and keep fighting through this pandemic. 

Emma O’Connor

Start Strong, Finish Stronger

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