Look Good, Feel Good

Man, summer is flying by Warhawks. It is already the end of June and it feels like summer just started. Summer is a wonderful time to have fun and try new things. When trying new things, you want to look good so you can feel good about yourself. Whether that is getting to the weight you want, accomplishing goals you set or just looking nice, you can express yourself and feel better about yourself by increasing your self-confidence by just being yourself.  June 30th, is National Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) which gives individuals the opportunity to express themselves and share their own personal style by sharing what they are wearing! This can help individuals have the courage to express themselves and share what they like about themselves.

            Looking good and self-expression can help individuals have better self-confidence and feel better about themselves. Expressing yourself can help individuals have better mental and physical self-confidence. When looking nice and documenting that moment, individuals can feel better about their self-esteem and encourage others to be confident in themselves.

            The founder, Stassi Schroeder founded National OOTD “to take a good hard look at your body and choose your favorite parts. Got’em? Good.” She wants individuals to create an outfit that expresses their favorite features about themselves. She states that “when you have a great outfit on, your day is that much better, and in my opinion, you should honor that feeling with an OOTD. So, if you’re feeling your look, post that OOTD and celebrate what makes you feel good about yourself.” Expressing yourself can help with mental, physical and emotional health. It can improve the way individuals view themselves, how they view others and how it can create a positive change in the way they look at themselves. They can develop positive

            By expressing yourself and showing others what you like about yourself, it gives the individuals the confidence to accept and love themselves. Putting on an outfit that they  are comfortable and happy with can encourage others to accept themselves and encourage others to express themselves and what makes them unique.

Start strong, Finish stronger

Emma O’Connor

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