My Good Bye Blog

Where do I even start this blog? This will be last blog forever for Warhawk Fitness. I want to say thank you so much. Writing these blogs, filming the vlogs and working our social media pages have meant so much to me. I am so happy I could be a part of this wonderful PR Team and I am happy I could connect with all of you. I will be graduating this May and I will be working full time at a company called Spacesaver in Fort Atkinson. Below I will leave some advice that I have learned through these crazy, amazing and hard four years of College.

Whatever you do go ALL IN. This transformed my college career. Whether it academics, relationships, careers or school orgs…give all you can and really go 100%. You will find things to be so much more rewarding and you will learn so much. I also encourage you all to get out of your comfort zone and do something you would never do and go “all in”.

“Enjoy the good old days while you are in them”

Do not stress to much. It is so easy to get overwhelmed in your college career. It’s important to take deep breaths, relax and know that everything will be alright. It’s really important to enjoy this time you have now. This time you have now will never happen again and you never know what the future soak it all in now. You will look back on these college days some day and its important to do your best now so you can look back and be happy and proud of what you did.

Love you all,

“The Future Starts today…Not tomorrow”

Max Prospero

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