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What is up my fellow Warhawks? Today I am going to give you the ability to change your life with a part time Job. I know what you’re all thinking “Harv really? A part time job?” YES REALLY people. This Job will change your life and I am the perfect example of why. Over the course of this expertly written blog I will be providing not only a personal testimony but the perks of the job as well.

The Perks

The biggest and, in my opinion best perk, is the people. Be prepared to meet some of the best people that you have ever met in your life. Getting hired to work in the Williams Center and University Fitness essentially comes with 60 new friends. The friends you make working as a fitness supervisor will become friends for life. Oh, and did I mention a free gym membership? This saves you a cool 100 bones and gives you an awesome excuse to hit the gym because you’re already there.

The Personal Stuff

Working at Rec Sports as a Fitness Supervisor has changed my life, it has challenged me in new ways, and it helped me regain my confidence. I have made countless friends, but none more than my good friend Dan. At the time Dan and I worked a permanent shift on Tuesday mornings, but little did I know this would turn into a beautiful friendship. It’s crazy how small talk can turn into such deep conversations with your shift mate over the semester. You will literally talk about everything and anything, I’ll never forget our talk about ghost stories around Whitewater.  Dan has become someone I turn to when I need advice for my stressful job search or just someone to talk to. I hope Dan reads this for a little reminder on the important role he plays in many people’s lives. (Love ya buddy!) This job also helped with my wellness journey, being around the gym all the time really ignites your passion for fitness. Since I started working as a Fitness Supervisor I have lost 30 pounds and don’t plan on stopping. This job has shaped the person I am today, and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity.

Now it’s all up to you, I am going to attach the link to the application at the end of the blog. I highly recommend you apply unless you hate fun, then don’t apply. If it’s too late to apply worry not! we are hiring every semester and there are an eager group of people waiting to make some memories with! https://www.uww.edu/recsports/about/employment  

Stay Fit Hawks!

Ryan Harvot

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