Hidden Gems of Whitewater

Have you ever been bored in Whitewater with nothing to do? I find myself every now and then hoping to find a new place in Whitewater to either eat at or hangout at. Down below I listed a few places you should check out if you ever get bored!

Ice Rink

Did you know there is an ice rink across from Center Street!? This is a really cool rink to just grab some buddies and go skate or play some hockey. The City of Whitewater maintains it and and keeps it clean during the winter. This is a place I recommend trying out. There is also lights there that shine on the rink so if you want skate late that’s no big deal!

The Black Sheep

Are you looking for a trendy place to eat dinner? The Black Sheep is really cool because the interior is trendy. The Black Sheep also gets all their food from local farms. As you walk in, there is a chalkboard that lists the farms where they get their products from. It’s great way to spice up the dinner scene in Whitewater.

Nature Trails

Do you need some time to yourself to just relax? There are trails behind the Wells parking lot that you can walk through. That place is Whitewater’s nature reserve. It is a really peaceful walk that anyone can take. Just make sure you wear the proper attire and bring a water bottle! You can sometimes spot dear and some really cool birds while walking through. 11/10 recommend!


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