What up Warhawks? It’s your favorite Fitness Supervisor back again (a little early this month) here to slap some knowledge on you. With the New Year finally here there’s a lot of you trying to get the edge on the competition and grab hold of those glorious gains and get absolutely jacked. A great way to do this is with supplements. Supplements can help before, during, and after your workout with your mental focus, energy, muscle building, and recovery. These can be an extremely helpful tool when it comes to fitness if used correctly. Before I dive into this subject I am going to toss you a little disclaimer… I am not a doctor or a wizard and while the second may sound sweet I just want to make sure we are clear on two things. 1. If you are not a healthy person please consult a personal physician before using any supplement and 2. Supplements are not magic, you’re still going to have to work hard to meet your goals. I’ll be covering to types of supplements in this blog protein and pre-workout.

  1.    Protein

Ahh, protein, the glorious base of gains. Protein often contains essential amino acids which help with your bodily functions such as muscle building and boosting the immune system. One of the best forms of protein is called Whey Protein. Whey is actually the byproduct of cheese production when you open up yogurt and there’s a watery substance on top that’s Whey. Two important things to check are the total calories (especially if you’re trying to lose weight) and if there are any added sugars.

  1.    Pre-Workout

There are very mixed opinions on Pre-Workout some love it and some can’t stand, but as the old saying goes, “don’t knock it til’ you try it.” Pre-Workout is great to use for energy before and during a workout, focus, and obtaining a bigger pump. The bigger pump portion of the Pre-Workout is often what people don’t like about it. Whenever you consume Pre-Workout with Beta-Alanine your skin often feels tingly or itchy this is not unhealthy and is not dangerous in normal doses. Something to watch out for before consuming a Pre-Workout is the Caffeine Levels. If you have a condition where caffeine could prove unhealthy make sure to find a Pre-Workout with low Caffeine Levels.

I am in no way an expert on this stuff, these are just my personal experiences with the supplements. If you know more than me or if I got something wrong feel free to drop into the comment section and slap some knowledge on me for once!  

Ryan Harvot

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