What To Wear To The Gym


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You can not go to the gym wearing just anything! Before heading off to the gym, it is important to make sure you are dressed the right way. Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable during the middle of your workout. It is helpful to wear clothes at the gym that will improve your ability accomplish your fitness goals.


Here are some suggestions for the perfect gym attire:



Try picking a breathable material like cotton or polyester. It is important to pick a material that will not trap in all of your body’s heat. It’s a good idea to look for clothing that is able to handle all of your sweat during your workout. A t-shirt or lightweight sweatshirt are both great options. It is best to pick a shirt that is form fitting and will stay in place, but also make sure the shirt is not so tight that it restricts movement. For many women, choosing to wear a sports bra provides extra support and comfort during their workout.




Sweat pants, shorts, and leggings are all great options to wear to the gym. Making sure your bottoms are flexible is what is the most essential. It is important that you have a full range of motion in whatever you are wearing. Keep in mind that you will stay cooler when wearing shorts verses when wearing long pants. Choosing materials that are lightweight and breathable can help keep your body cooler while being active.



Choosing the right shoes to wear to the gym is the most import part of your outfit. Make sure you wear shoes with a lot of support. Pick shoes that fit right and are nice and secure on your feet. Depending on what activity you are going to be doing at the gym, the type of shoe you wear may vary. It is a good idea to do a little research and find the best fit for you personally.  Running shoes tend to be a good option for someone who will be doing various types of activities. Another tip is to wear light-weight socks to help keep your feet cooler.


These are just a few general guidelines to help you find the right clothes to wear to the gym. Try out a few different types of clothing to figure out what fits the best for your body and your workout. It can be helpful to look for options and styles that are specifically for your body type. Now next time you hit the gym, you will have the perfect outfit for your workout.


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~Sadie Wrobel

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