When You Don’t Have a Passion

When You Dont Have a Passion MediaThis whole world seems to be screaming “follow your passion,” but you’re stuck.  You don’t have a passion.  You don’t have a one thing that translates into a career path.  You don’t have a fire in your belly for any certain college major or job offer.

These past couple of weeks I have had this gut retching feeling.  I have thought to myself what is my passion in life? What is my greater purpose than getting a college career, being a part of a sorority and working?  There has to be more than that.

I have been itching to find this purpose, and recently I read a short passage that helped me look for that drive in life.

Cultivate Curiosity:

It explains to look for things that raise questions in your heart.  What problem makes you want to twist your brain around a solution?  What issues in life make you want to take a stand? Find ideas that cause childlike wonder and fascination.

Cultivate Compassions:

What aspect of our world makes your heart hurt? Find compassion in this world that you want to fix or impact.  Who do you want to serve in this life and what legacy do you want to leave?  Then figure out how your skillset fit into these.

Cultivate Competency:

What are best at?  What can you be better at?  When people say to you, “you’re such a natural,” what are they talking about?  Find something that makes you feel at ease and confident.

I took these questions and made lists.  I gathered my ideas and found what each section had in common.  Everyone has a fire inside them, a passion, something they are good at.  Finding that true passion can be hard but when you find it, you’ll know.  I hope you all can find your passion in life and stick to it.  I am beyond eager to find mine.

I hope you learn. I hope you laugh. I hope you never stop. And remember being fit is always in style.

-Karlee Fowler

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