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AlenaHello there! I am Alena Purpero, the newest addition to the Warhawk Fitness Public Relations team. I look forward to sharing what I have learned about fitness, nutrition and over all wellbeing with all of you! I am so grateful and excited to be a part of the team for many reasons. To explain further why the idea of this opportunity appeals to me, I’ll give you the same spiel I gave to my now fellow PR team members when they asked me why I wanted to be a part of the team. I explained that this opportunity is a complete combination of two things that I am passionate about and enjoy doing.  That is:

1.)   Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and telling others about how to do so while on the way learning and growing, myself.

2.)   Using creativity as a medium to reach out to others, whether that means writing blogs like this, come up with catchy Facebook and Twitter posts, or constructing videos about health.

With these two qualities being said, I think it is important for me to explain why health is something I value and focus on. First off, let me provide a disclaimer for you all. If you know me you know that I am not and have never been the MVP player, die hard gym class participant, or athlete. Which I have learned is completely okay, even for people like me who try to make health a priority. I was not one to be in every sport in high school, so therefore as far as exercise routines go, I relied on my own ability to think outside of the box and construct work out routines that are fun and rewarding. On the way I’ve discovered that I enjoy many activities, such as biking, yoga, Zumba, making my own work out at the gym and more. I eventually learned that exercise and a healthy lifestyle are accessible to all and does not rely on skill, but rather the yearning to do so.

Following that, whenever I’m asked why I am interested in health or why I’ve focused my major on it I refer to my go to answer: I’ve been there and back trying to figure out how to achieve a “healthy lifestyle”, and let me tell you it has been quite the journey. Consisting of ups and downs, healthy moments and weak moments, all of which eventually resulted in me achieving what I believe is (so far) the closest I have ever been to feeling the most content, healthy, and happiest version of myself. The best part of it all is it only gets better from here, and I’m learning more and more every day. As I continue to learn what a healthy lifestyle is for myself, my willingness to share it with others increases.

Lastly, let me tell you some unrelated, basic facts about myself. I am going to be a sophomore this fall here at Whitewater, and I am majoring in communications with an emphasis in health and corporate and minoring in health promotion. I live in Muskego and attended Martin Luther High school. As I mentioned before I wasn’t one to be in a bunch of sports, however I was on the swim team and enjoyed it very much. It not only was a good way to stay in shape but it built a lot of character.

Finally, I look forward to writing more blogs and sharing tips, advice, and other health related ideas with you all! Thank you for taking the time to read my life story especially if you aren’t my grandmother. Have a great summer!

It’s a good day to have a good day!”

-Alena Purpero ♡

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