Thank you, Sean Lehr!

Sean Lehr’s final day with ICIT will be Friday, March 17. We all wish him well as he moves to a new opportunity in FP&M.

Since joining ICIT in 2018, Sean, AVCT Integration & Support Technician, has provided excellent support and expertise to instructional facilities on both campuses.

Sean played a vital part in transforming UWW classrooms from analog to digital, working on the planning and execution of dozens of projects across campus. He assisted in updating old programs to model the new touch panel functionality of systems. He played a role in shifting from lamp projectors to new DM laser projectors across campus. Along with Nick Brasch, Sean has provided critical support at the UWW Rock campus. Anyone who has worked with Sean knows he possesses considerable skills, knowledge, and a quick response time!

From Sean: “I will miss working directly with ICIT and its employees.”

In addition to his professional contributions, Sean generously shared his musical talents after our Divisional Meetings, which we greatly appreciated!

Thank you, James Wong!

James Wong joined ICIT in November of 2022 as a Manager of Administrative Information Systems, as ICIT was trying to understand the scope of the ATP initiative and its impact on many campus operations.

James was instrumental in helping us gather a lot of important information and gain a better understanding of the ATP requirements, specifically as it pertains to posting tuition revenue from WINS. James also played a significant role in addressing WINS performance during advanced registration, particularly working with Oracle in resolving the Elastic Search issues. Members of the UWW community outside of ICIT reflected that James is “eager to help and resolve end user issues,” “focused,” and “very polite, always thankful and cordial in emails.”

“I would like to express my sincere thanks for the opportunities and support provided during my time at UW Whitewater. It has been a pleasure working with everyone, and I wish the team continued success in all future endeavors.”

James’s last day at UWW will be Friday, March 17. We wish him all the best as he moves on to a new opportunity and thank him for his contributions to our campus as a Warhawk (again)!

Thank You Nicole Cervantes!

Nicole Cervantes joined ICIT as an Office Operations Associate in January 2019. Her key responsibilities were coordinating the recruitment and hiring process, on-boarding new employees, assisting with travel arrangements, payroll approval, and administrative support to the CIO. Over the past 4 years, Nicole has become an integral part of the ICIT by accepting additional responsibilities and new roles of which the most recent is Administrative Manager.

Nicole main responsibilities as Administrative Manager include:

  • Management of ICIT budget and finance
  • Management of ICIT staffing, recruitment, on-boarding, and payroll processes
  • ICIT front office business management
  • Support to the CIO

Most importantly however, Nicole was always there to help everyone and with everything. She was our main problem-solver, information-finder and action-facilitator.  

Unfortunately, Nicole will be leaving us to take a position in the UW-W Budget Office. Her last day with ICIT will be on Friday, March 3, 2023. On behalf of the entire ICIT organization, we would like to thank Nicole for her contributions and to wish her the very best in her next opportunity. We will miss her greatly.

From Nicole:

It has been my absolute pleasure to work with each and everyone one of you! I have learned so much, in great part to your patience in training me and answering my many questions. I truly appreciate it! I will miss being a part of this wonderful team, but it does help a little that I’m not going far. Thank you!

Thank You Bobbi Yach!

Bobbi Yach joined ICIT as an IT Business Analyst in October 2022. Her key responsibilities were:

to  Support Document Management (ImageNow) System; and to assist Human Resources department in documenting their existing processes and engage in process mapping with the new Workday functionality to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.     

In a very short period of time Bobby mastered these areas and created  multiple process  flows to use in the next phase of ATP initiative.

Unfortunately Bobbi will be leaving us to take on another business opportunity. Bobbi Yach’s last day with ICIT will be on Thursday, February 2, 2023. On behalf of the entire ICIT organization, we would like to thank Bobbi for her contributions and to wish her the very best in her next opportunity.

Thank You Kathryn Freidel!

Kathryn Freidel joined ICIT in May 2022 on a 9-month contract as an IT Business Analyst to assist Student Affairs units with their business software needs and guide them to follow established IT processes and procedures.  

During her tenure with ICIT Kathryn took an active part in the  Ancillary Systems discovery phase of the UWSA Administrative Transformation Program (ATP). Her key responsibilities were to document process flows and identify ways in which ICIT and Student Affairs units use Employee and UDDS data.

Kathryn’s contract has ended, her last day with ICIT was on Tuesday, January 24, 2023.

Both ICIT and Student Affairs are very grateful to Kathryn, and tremendously appreciated her contribution to our organizations.

We wish Kathryn much success in all of her future endeavors!