Thank you, Josh Lammi

Josh joined our team in February, 2022 as a Network Services Engineer focused on wireless services. Join us in wishing Josh well as he moves to a new opportunity deploying the latest wired and wireless network technologies. His last day is Friday, September 22.

During his time here, Josh worked on a number of important initiatives:

  • Ensuring UWW has good wireless coverage for new wireless Narcan boxes installed around campus.  This involved doing wireless surveys, remediating coverage gaps by either making some modifications to RF profiles or adding additional AP coverage, then retesting all areas again.  These new boxes help to increase campus safety by having resources closer to where they may be needed most.
  • Upgrading 226 Access Points (APs) on the academic side of campus and 468 APs in housing. These new APs allowed UWW to update to a newer version of code on our wireless controllers so we can start deploying WiFi 6E utilizing the new 6GHz spectrum in the near future!
  • Working with Cisco and their ISE Developer team during the last two summers on beta versions of code to help identify any issues or features we thought would be beneficial, work through those issues and get us onto the new final release of code before the school year begins.  While a stressful and sometimes frustrating endeavor, this work allowed us guide future features that others will hopefully find valuable.

Thank you, Josh, your experience and expertise has made UWW’s wireless network stronger and better!

Thank you, Joel Herron

Join IT Services in saying thank you and good-bye to Joel Herron tomorrow at 841 Brewhouse on Joel’s last day in IT Services.

Joel re-joined our team in July 2020 as the IAM and Systems Automation Engineer, having worked at UWW in ICIT twice before. While we thought the third time might be the charm, Joel is now off to a new opportunity at UW-Madison. There he’ll be leading a team developing a no code/low code platform.

We appreciate all Joel’s hard work and accomplishments, like:

  • Managing and executing the successful rollout of Duo to staff and student employees.
  • Developing automation into the IAM infrastructure to save staff time and resources.
  • Moving UWW closer to a Zero Trust security model with the initial rollout of Okta.

Best wishes to Joel! Thanks again for all your contributions.

Thank you, Elliot!

Join us in wishing Elliot Kan well as he moves from IT Services to a new opportunity in University Housing with ResNET. His last day in IT Services will be Friday, August 25.

Elliot joined ICIT in February, 2015 and has fulfilled an important role on our Network Operations Center team. As a Systems Engineer, Elliot co-managed our Windows environment, managed the university listserv, and recently took on work providing EAccess (electronic door) support, among other duties.

With ResNet, he will assist in the day-to-day operations of the Housing network, provide guidance to their student help desk staff, and continue providing EAccess support as a backup.

Elliot shared that deciding to move to ResNET was a difficult decision because he deeply enjoyed his time with the NOC team, where he gained important knowledge that he’ll carry forward in this new chapter. He’s ready for the challenge this new opportunity will provide as he will take on new responsibilities in providing guidance, knowledge, and support to student workers in ResNET.

He has enjoyed sharing laughs with his colleagues and customers across campus. He’ll miss being on the IT Services team and is grateful for the experiences over the years.

Everyone in IT Services is grateful to Elliot for his hard work, conscientiousness, and quick responses to any issues that arose with services he managed. Best wishes!

Welcome, Bryon Hobs!

Bryon joined ICIT as a Business Analyst back in April and many of us were able to meet him at the Spring Divisional Meeting. We’re glad to have Bryon on the team working with Ryan handling business analysis and project management needs of our campus.

An alumnus of UWW, Bryon is excited to contribute to the Warhawk team. In his free time, he enjoys photography, watching sports, and exploring Madison, where he lives with his partner, Mike.

A belated, but no less excited, welcome to you, Bryon!

Kudos, Ted Witt (again)!

Kudos to Ted Witt, teaching, learning and technology consultant in the LTC, for serving for the second year on an expert panel contributing to the “ EDUCAUSE Horizon Report, Teaching and Learning Edition.”

The 2023 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report is based on the perspectives and expertise of 55 higher education experts from around the globe. The report profiles the trends and key technologies and practices shaping the future of teaching. Read more »