HPSM Tips & Reminders: Closing Process Reminder and a Bonus!

When you close an incident ticket, move the status to “resolved” and HPSM will take care of the rest. If the “Notify By” is set to email, HPSM will send the automated email and close the request. If the “Notify By”  is set to phone call, the Help Desk will make the phone call to let the requester know the ticket is closed, then the Help Desk will close the ticket.







Divisional Meeting Panel Questions: Part 1 (Bonus!)

QI used to be able to search for items in the catalog. Why does the search no longer work?

ASearching on the self-serve portal works well. If you enter a search term, you will see the service, support and any KB articles related to the service. Once you find the item you are looking for, select it and complete the request. If you are in the HPSM interface, you can select a category to get a short list of what is included in the category. At this time, the search for a specific term does not work. It will be reviewed in the future.

QWhen working on Incidents as a technician, why do additional required fields keep popping up after I change a setting and hit save?

ASome of the fields become mandatory based on the service selected. This allows for necessary information to be collected as the ticket moves along. The fields that are required are consistent, so as you get familiar with using HPSM, you will know what is required when.

QWhy does the new HPSM implementation have so many additional clicks to work with tickets from the technician interface?

A: The short answer is: the new HPSM system collects more information, so there are more clicks to go with it.

QHow can HPSM automatically email a ticket update (not closure) directly to the customer?

A: There are a few ways to provide updates to customers. If the customer uses the self-serve portal, there is a checkbox “Visible to customer” that can be used to show the activity on the portal. If you want to email the customer, you can use the More option from the navigation bar, then select Notify. The ticket will be referenced in the email and you can add your information about the ticket in the email. These emails are not tracked in HPSM

QHow can I open a ticket automatically from an email?

AWe do not have that functionality implemented at this time. HPSM does support it, so it will be evaluated in the next phase of the deployment project.

QHPSM seems to be a ticketing system. What does HPSM actually stand for?

AHPSM is, in fact, a ticketing system. HPSM stands for: Hewlett-Packard Service Manager

Welcome: Claudio D’Agostino

Please welcome Claudio D’Agostino, our new Director of Application Development. Claudio will lead the Application Development, Middleware and Business Intelligence (BI) Project teams. Today is his first day in the office.

Claudio comes to us from Quad Graphics in the Milwaukee area, where he was the Director of IT for the company’s holdings in Latin America. At Quad Graphics, he was responsible for directing strategic and daily operations of the IT platform for 11 production facilities located in six different countries. His day-to-day duties included developing business IT applications/solutions and leading initiatives to transition regional functions into an integrated corporate platform. Claudio also worked extensively with Quad Graphic’s Business Intelligence and ERP platforms. In total, Claudio has nearly 15 years of IT management experience.

Welcome to the Warhawk family, Claudio!

Divisional Meeting Survey Results

Thank you for taking the follow up survey from the Divisional Meeting. Twenty-eight completed the survey, and you overwhelmingly liked the interactive activities. We also received excellent feedback from you. Rather than transpose the results, here is the raw survey report.

In the coming days, I’ll post written answers to the panel questions. There were also a few other questions that weren’t answered at the Divisional Meeting that I’ll include. You are encouraged to use the comments section of this blog to ask additional questions – or just questions in general – and we’ll post the answers here. If you prefer anonymous, let me (Ben) know and I’ll set up a link.

HPSM Tips & Reminders: How to update KB Articles

If you need to update knowledgebase articles for your service or a service you support, navigate to Knowledge Management, then select Contribute Knowledge. Once you have added your information, be sure to notify the service owner so they can review and approve your contribution to make it searchable. You can find more documentation on how to create and update KBs by searching for “Knowledge” in the Knowledge Management -> Search Knowledgebase area of HPSM.

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