To See Results You Can’t Eat Whatever You Want… Or Can You?

There are so many types of diets going around right now, and yes some work very well for some people, but they can also be a huge turn off for someone that is just starting out. Imagine, you just get the courage to start working out, trying to get back into shape. You get your gym membership and a program to follow. You are all set! perfect. One month in and you just aren’t seeing the results you hoped for so you start looking up diets. Now you have five different people telling you 20 different diets. One guy tells you to eat a ton of carbohydrates and cut all your fat out of your diet, another person tells you to cut all carbs out of your diet and eat a lot of lean meat with a lot of fatty foods, and one person tells you to only eat meat and cut all carbs and fats out of your diet. Now the only reaction a sane person could have to that is to shake your head in pure confusion which brings me to what I found very important when I was starting out.

Yes there is a rhyme and reason to all those diets somewhat summarized above, but what isn’t blasted all over the place is the most simple and least intimidating diet someone could follow. This “diet” is called “IIFYM” also known as IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS. To help make sense of this, macros are your macro nutrients, (Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats.) Now most diets say you can only eat certain foods no matter the nutritional value, the food you eat does that calculation for you, but in a IIFYM diet, you choose what you want to eat as long as it fits the amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates you can eat. There is a very simple calculator online if you just google “macro Calculator” that will do all the math for you. The “hard” part is just staying in those numbers, which is actually very easy to do. The best thing with this diet is that if you want to go to Culvers for lunch or Chick Fil A for dinner, you can, just track the macros in those meals and you will be fine. Now obviously there are better meals you can have that will be more filling with a better nutritional value but to start seeing results you don’t need to give those foods up.

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