Alpine Coasters: The Personal Coaster Ride

Most people are used to having no control of how a roller coaster functions.  The lift takes you up the hill, and then it guides you throughout the course.  However, there is one way for people to control their ride experience: alpine coasters.

Essentially, alpine coasters are steel track built on top of a hill or mountain.  They’re controlled by taking single cars (that typically accommodate one or two people) being guided to the top of the hill by a cable lift.  Once at the top, the rider controls the speed of the ride through levers on the side of the vehicle.

There are typically not very many big drops or anything, but rather many small drops, sharp curves, and helixes.  These alpine coasters are very enjoyable, but often come at a charge between $10 and $20.

Ultimately, I have ridden six alpine coasters, and I have enjoyed all of them.  My favorite alpine coaster is called Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster, and is located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

I highly suggest riding an alpine coaster if given a chance.  To find alpine coasters, you can search the term “alpine coasters” on Google, or even, a site devoted to roller coasters and roller coaster statistics.

These things are such thrill and so much fun!

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