Dress for the Weather at Theme Parks

This post may seem redundant, but the reality is that I see so many people attending theme parks that don’t dress for the weather.  As a result, I see people dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt in warm weather sweating and exhausted, or I see people in 40 degree weather with shorts and a t-shirt freezing and shivering.

Perhaps one of the most important things to do before visiting a theme park is to check the weather.  Now, I know I made a post earlier about advantages with visiting parks on a day with rain in the forecast, but it’s important to dress properly.  You see, not dressing for the weather can lead to coming down with a cold, or even heat exhaustion if it’s really warm.

The best thing I can suggest is to indeed follow the forecast.  Remember, you can always pack a sweatshirt (or some layers), rain jacket, or pair of jeans or shorts and keep them in your car or carry them into the park in a bag.; and sometimes forecasts call for cold temperatures in the morning and warm temperatures in the afternoon, so this gives you flexibility to change into different clothes based on the weather.  You want a trip to the park to be enjoyable, and wearing the proper clothes is important.

I’m aware all people are different and naturally can handle cold weather or hot weather, but all in all these tips should be useful next time you’re visiting a theme park.  I personally use this method and it’s always helped me enjoy my day at a park much more.

Ultimately, I’ve always felt guests should be focused on enjoying the park and it’s attractions instead of being focused on being too hot or too cold.

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