Six Flags St. Louis 4/28/2018 Trip Report

On Saturday, April 28th, I visited Six Flags St. Louis in Eureka, Missouri.  I visited this park last year and absolutely loved it.  We decided to stop on our way back from Silver Dollar City, and it did not disappoint.  I attended the park with my friends Jeremie, Mark and Chad.

We arrived to the park at 10:45.  We were a little worried about crowds, but overall the crowds were not bad.  We started our day at American Thunder, a wooden GCI coaster in the front of the park.  From there we headed to the next coaster, Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast.  This is a launched coaster by Premier Rides that definitely packs a punch.

We then proceeded eat lunch at Mooseburger Lodge, followed by Screamin’ Eagle.  Following that, Jeremie and I split off from Mark and Chad and rode The Boss and Justice League: Battle for Metropolis.  Jeremie likes to film park footage, so we spent some time after those rides to film.

We met back up with Mark and Chad for a ride on Batman: The Ride, then split off again to ride River King Mine Train and Ninja.  At that point, it was time to leave the park and head home.

Overall, the park was fun as always, and I’m really looking forward to visiting again sometime soon.  All in all, I genuinely enjoy my trips to Six Flags parks.

Silver Dollar City 4/27/2018 Trip Report

On Friday, April 27th, I visited Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri with my friends Jeremie, Mark, and Chad.  This was my second trip to the park, and it was a fantastic time.  The park is smaller and intimate, but it has so many different rides that are fun and intense.

We arrived at the park at around 9:30 and made our way to Time Traveler first.  Time Traveler is the newest ride in the park and definitely was worth the investment.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you check out a video online, because it is such a fun ride.  Throughout the day as well, we rode rides including Thunderation, Outlaw Run, Wildfire, Powder Keg, and Fire in the Hole.  Here is a breakdown of what we rode and how many times we rode it:

Time Traveler – 5; Outlaw Run – 6; Thunderation – 2; Powder Keg – 5 ;Wildfire – 2; Fire in the Hole – 1; Flooded Mine – 1; Silver Dollar Line (Train) – 1

In addition to riding these rides, we explored all the park had to offer ranging from gift shops to food.  For lunch, I enjoyed a half-rack of ribs with french fries and a warm roll.  Additionally, I picked up some cinnamon bread.  This park, like Dollywood, is really well known for their amazing food options, and their cinnamon bread.

All in all, besides riding a bunch of rides, there wasn’t much more to note for our day.  After the park, we headed into downtown Branson to ride the two alpine coasters, followed by dinner and a four hour drive to St. Louis.  All in all, Silver Dollar City is a fantastic park, and I highly encourage everyone to stop by next time you have the chance.