Six Flags Over Georgia 3/24/18 Trip Report

On Saturday, March 24, 2018, I visited my first theme park of the season, Six Flags Over Georgia in Austell, Georgia.  This park was the second park in the Six Flags chain, opening it’s doors in 1967.  The park is home of ten roller coasters (soon to be eleven in May).  I have been to multiple Six Flags parks in my lifetime, and this park is without a doubt one of my favorites.  Here is my first trip report, for Six Flags Over Georgia.

I attended the park with my grandfather, who is an avid roller coaster enthusiast himself.  We stayed at the Econo Lodge in Austell, which is literally a five minute walk from the front gate.

We arrived at the park at approximately 9:30am for the 10:00 opening.  The park was beginning to fill up, but overall crowds were not bad.  It took only five minutes to get into the park once the gates opened.  If you’ve been to a park at opening, you’d know that often times they contain guests into the entry plaza of the park until the scheduled opening time; so we were in the entry plaza for about fifteen minutes before “rope drop” (when security officially opens the entire park up to guests.

To start our day, we headed to Dare Devil Dive, one of the park’s newest roller coaster.  While not the largest ride in the park, the ride actually can get long lines and a small capacity per hour.  Overall, I enjoyed how the ride seemed to never let up.

From there, we headed down to Gotham to ride BATMAN THE RIDE.  Now, there’s not much to say about this ride, as BATMAN clones are seen throughout the world.  We then went to Mindbender, which is actually an American Coaster Enthusiasts Roller Coaster Landmark.  For an older coaster, the ride was definitely enjoyable.  This was also my grandpa’s 100th roller coaster lifetime.

We followed Mindbender by heading back towards the front of the park to ride Georgia Scorcher.  This ride was actually a stand-up roller coaster, meaning you’re standing upright while riding.  I have always been a stand-up coaster fan, but I didn’t really have many opportunities to ride one since Iron Wolf left Six Flags Great America in 2011.  So, it’s always nice to ride a stand-up, and I enjoyed it.

We then decided to hit a couple of the smaller rides, so we headed towards The JOKER Funhouse Coaster and Dahlonega Mine Train.  While these coasters weren’t necessarily thrilling for me, they were quality rides for families to enjoy.

We followed up these rides by grabbing lunch at a restaurant inside the park, then heading towards a charming dark ride by the name of Monster Mansion.  This ride has been at the park for years, and has been praised by so many people I know, even though the park has a newer, more technologically advanced, interactive dark ride.

From there we headed towards the back half of the park.  This park is very hilly, so it was always important to be paying attention and making sure you had good walking shoes.  Towards the back of the park is a looping coaster named Blue Hawk.  This ride was originally named Ninja, but was recently repainted, rethemed, and given new trains with more comfortable restraints.  I can most definitely guarantee that if this ride still has it’s original trains and restraints, I would’ve not liked the ride at all.  But, the new restraints made the ride much more enjoyable.

We continued through the back of the park by heading to another large ride, SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight.  Now I have one of these cloned coasters at my home park, Six Flags Great America, but I found this ride to be even more unique, having several moments where the coaster came close to terrain or even a tunnel.

The park’s big wooden roller coaster, the Great American Scream Machine, was next on our list.  This roller coaster has quite a history, and the fact that the park was actually operating the coaster backwards was a unique experience.  I enjoyed the ride, but I would like to go back and ride it again facing forwards.

After Scream Machine, we started to head back toward the front of the park.  We stopped by Hanson Cars, an antique car ride, and the historic Riverview Carousel on the way.

As I said earlier, the park is soon to have eleven coasters.  It’s newest coaster, Twisted Cyclone, is scheduled to open sometime in May.  This ride used to be a full wood roller coaster, but has undergone refurbishments and will be opening as a steel roller coaster.  We got some fantastic views of the construction, and this ride looks FANTASTIC.  I would highly recommend looking for some pictures online.

We ended our rides for the day by riding the largest ride in the park, Goliath.  Boy, was this ride fun.  It packs quite a punch and I experienced quite a bit of airtime.  Goliath was able to crack into my top 10 roller coasters lists, and I still cannot wait to ride again.

After another quick meal and stopping in a couple gift shops, we left Six Flags Over Georgia at 7:00pm, one hour prior to the scheduled closing time.

Overall, I really enjoyed the park.  It had quite a charm, was clean, and offered a great variety of rides.  I also found this park relatively easy to navigate.  This is definitely a park I would recommend visited if you’re ever in the Atlanta area.  I will most definitely be planning a return trip to this park, because it truly is one of the favorite Six Flags parks.  Additionally, Twisted Cyclone looks like an insane new ride, and I cannot wait to ride.

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