The “Brown Boy” is poppin’!

In the song, “Some Way”, Nav claims to be, ” the first brown boy to get it poppin’.” When he says this , he is referring to his Punjabi ethnic heritage and the fact that there is not another popular musical artist who is also Punjabi. Nav does indeed have the hip/hop culture poppin’ right now after the release of his self-titled debut mixtape, Nav. When I wrote last about Nav a few weeks ago, it was believed that Nav had two projects on the way and he has delivered last week on Febuary 24th. The Weeknd is the lone featured artist on this mixtape on the song “Some Way” which was released one week before the mixtape. Other songs that were released prior to the mixtape’s release include: “Myself”, “Up”, and ” Ten Toes Down”. All of these songs had me eagerly awaiting the release of this mixtape as I have progressively liked Nav more and more with each song he releases. The majority of the production of this song is attributed to Nav with the help of a couple other lesser name producers along with heavyweight Metro Boomin’ serving the beat in “Up”.

Artwork for NAV

The same day that Nav released the single, ” Some Way”, Nav signed to The Weeknd’s record label, XO Records, along with parent company, Republic Records. The announcement for the mixtape came on that same day as well as Nav fans all over rejoiced. Now that this project is on the streets. Nav is already looking forward to his next project which is titled, Perfect Timing. Nav released a tweet on February 22 stating that he and Metro Boomin’ are working on the new project and claimed they would release it as soon as it is finished. This is  exciting news as Nav is quickly gaining momentum and figures to enter the summer strong and make a huge impact on the hip-hop nation.

Here it is! Give the mixtape a listen on Spotify! Leave your opinion in the comments!

My Top 5 songs from Nav

1. Myself

2. Some Way (featuring The Weeknd)

3. My Mind

4. Up

5. Lonely

Overall Rating for Nav