Its been awhile since I spotlighted an rising rapper. Previously I have written about Nav and 24hrs. One person that 24hrs has frequently collaborated with and also happens to be an older brother to is rising rapper MadeinTYO or Made in Tokyo. I discovered MadeinTYO after hearing the single that he released last year with 2 Chainz titled “I Want”. From the moment I first heard that song I knew that he had the talent and potential to become an great rapper. My belief was reinforced when I then also was exposed to his first single “Uber Everywhere” which became highly popular and was even remixed by Travis Scott. Exploring his other music, I discovered many of his other songs on Soundcloud, “Nawfside Shawty” and others then became a regular play in my daily playlist. Another extremely popular single released by MadeinTYO is “Skateboard P”. The song wasn’t really all that popular up until Big Sean remixed it and released it with a verse of his on the track which is a great song and TYO’s best to date in my opinion. “Skateboard P” was later released on his mixtape Thank You Mr. Tokyo. He also released another album in 2016 prior to Thank You, Mr. Tokyo, titled You Are Forgiven. Both are quality mixtapes and if you like songs like “Skateboard P” or “Uber Everywhere” then you will surely enjoy the other songs on the mixtapes.

MadeinTYO was born in Honolulu, Hawaii but moved around a ton while growing up as his father was in the military. He ended up in Atlanta and lived with his older brother 24hrs. The two brothers released a decent EP in December of 2016 appropriately titled, 24hrs in Tokyo. 24hrs in Tokyo isn’t very long with only four songs but when it comes to music releases I am a firm believer on quality over quantity. I personally love the song “You” from the extended play.

Take a listen to his mixtapes and 24hrs in Tokyo while we wait for news about his upcoming debut album which I would bet would be released in 2017 as he is riding high off of his previous singles.