“24hrs and you know it’s… “going to be a good year for him.

This intro has become sort of a signature for the up and coming rap/hip-hop artist out of Atlanta, who usually completes the phrase with the name of the producer or artist that has featured or collaborated on the song with 24hrs. 24hrs rise to stardom has been for the most part mysterious as very little is known of him outside his music released on Soundcloud and his social media accounts on Twitter : @2fourhrs and Instagram. Sometime around October of last year was when I first experienced 24hrs music with the song, “Not Impressed” featuring Gucci Mane. At first listen I didn’t really gravitate to his sound but as I’ve listened to more of his music in the time since then I have become more appreciative of his sound. The song that made me fully aware of 24hrs potential as a musical artist was the song, “What You Like”, featuring the help of Taylor Gang members Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign whom each provide banging verses.


Since hearing that song in December, my entire opinion of 24hrs has evolved. My hunger to hear more of 24hrs was growing until around Christmas when 24hrs unexpectedly released a small mixtape “Sunset Blvd.”, that only consisted of four songs but four songs that are of great quality in my opinion. The song “Malibu” featuring Post Malone especially stood out to me and has been a current favorite of mine since its release. Give it and the other three songs a listen and you’ll thank me later.

After hitting the rap/hip-hop world with this “mini” mixtape, less than a week later we were treated to more music from 24hrs. This time collaborating with fellow young artist MadeinTYO for a mixtape titled “24hrs in Tokyo”. The title was inspired by combining the two rappers’ names 24hrs and MadeinTYO which is short for Made in Tokyo. This mixtape, while small, still packs a punch with four quality songs. I often prefer when artists release music in the fashion of small mixtapes(6 or less songs) rather than as loose singles or expanding and creating a large mixtape/album. I enjoy when artist keeping mixtapes small and avoid putting more songs as a way to bulk up the project as I believe some of the extra songs tend to be unnecessary and not as good quality. Sometimes having lower quality songs on a mixtape can detract from the overall quality and the quality of the best songs. Quality over quantity any day in my opinion.

Will 24hrs continue this trend of releasing four song mixtapes? We have to wait and see what he has in store for us this year as he attempts to make an even bigger name for himself.

Let me know what you think of 24hrs in the comments and enjoy the music!