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The Greatest Fast Food Fries

In my expert opinion, fries make the world go round. Your burger or chicken nuggets would be NOTHING without a nice salty spud to compliment it. Obviously, some are much better than others. While I have not tried all the fast food fries in existence, I have tried enough to form an opinion on the matter. I give to you, the best of the best fast food french fries (with a few stories in between):

Hardee’s Curly Fries: a.k.a. crispy curls to uncivilized people – It’s been the best of times and the worst of times with these fries. My dad’s company did a halftime promotion during every Green Bay Packers’ home game for two years, where I got to help out with activities on the field. After halftime, my dad and I would stop at the Hardee’s Image result for hardee's curly friesright before the highway and get a soda and a curly fry. It was then that I solidified my love for curly fries. Something about the curl just makes it superior to all other fries.

Meanwhile in 4th grade, my family and I took a trip to Pennsylvania to visit the Hershey Factory and Theme Park. Naturally, we stopped at Hardee’s in Pennsylvania on the way. When I went up to the counter to place my order, I asked for a side of curly fries with my meal. To my shock, THE GIRL AT THE COUNTER HAD NO CLUE WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT. So there I was: hungry, bitter, and curly fry-less. This was easily one of the saddest times in my life, and I’m not being dramatic at all when I say that. Curly fries are the dream.

Arby’s Curly Fries – Yes I know, these are basically the same thing as Hardee’s curly fries. I promise you though, they are different somehow. I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, fries taste better in curl form. The seasoning is Image result for arby's curly friesperfect, and honestly I’m getting hungry just thinking about them. One night, my friend and I drove up to visit my roommate and sat in an Arby’s for easily 3 hours. We probably went through 5 boxes of curly fries, but I’m unapologetic about it. They’re just too good. I may or may not have bought bags of frozen Arby’s curly fries at the grocery store just to hold me over until I could go to an Arby’s again. What a good fry.

Image result for chick fil a fries

Chick-fil-A Waffle Fries – Chick-fil-A was one of those experiences where I asked myself, “Where have you been all my life??” Waffles fries are the dream just as much as curly fries are. A restaurant serving them as their main fry is exactly what I need in my life. Chick-fil-A fries aren’t crispy, but they aren’t soggy either. They’re a perfect in-between. My only complaint? They have not yet opened a Chick-fil-A anywhere near me, so basically I’m left with a lot of hunger that I can’t do anything about. Life is so unfair sometimes.

Culver’s Crinkle Cut Fries – If you haven’t been to Culver’s, you haven’t lived. I can Image result for culver's friessay that for certain. Culver’s crinkle cuts are truly the perfect compliment to anything and everything you can order there. Crinkle cuts are amazing simply because they offer more potato for your buck, without getting crazy like potato wedges. Back in the day, my friends and I would go to Culver’s and only order a family fry, just because they were that good. Alternate these salty fries with a scoop of sweet custard and you’ll honestly be set for life. I have honestly just talked myself into eating Culver’s tonight upon writing this post. They’re that good.

Image result for mcdonalds fries

*McDonald’s Fries – I’ll be the first one to admit that I don’t care for McDonald’s very much. The documentary Supersize Me was very effective in my case. Unfortunately for my waistline, I can’t seem to kick my McDonald’s chicken nugget and fry habit. Some things just aren’t meant to be. Anyways, the fries. You may or may not have noticed the little asterisk next to this one. McDonald’s fries can be VERY addicting and yummy, pending they are not over-salted or under-salted. Too much makes me feel like I’ll become a human saltshaker. Too little and they just taste like cardboard. The secret lies in the salt. Maybe I’m just too picky, or maybe I’m just a potato connoisseur. I guess we’ll never know.

Image result for five guys friesLastly but not leastly, Five Guys Fries – Five Guys is basically heaven for me, considering they have the bags of the potatoes they use for fries surrounding the restaurant. They’ll even post on a sign which state the potatoes they’re using are from. It’s truly amazing. ALSO, Five Guys usually gives you way more fries than you could possibly imagine eating with your food. They’re the gift that just keeps on giving.


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