Potato Road Rage

I know this isn’t my usual potato post, but I just have to share it with you all. My sister sent me this article online, and I was intrigued by the title alone. It reads, “A driver was cut off in West Allis. He retaliated by throwing a baked potato at the other vehicle”. Yes, this was in Wisconsin. And yes, I’m a little upset.

Before I explain my outrage, let me give you some details. The accused potato launcher, a 25 year old male from New Berlin, claimed that another car driving by had cut him off while making a U-turn. This is a normal occurrence. What is NOT a normal occurrence is someone deciding to throw a baked potato at another car to retaliate. Upon being cut off, this is exactly what he did.

While the details are a bit fuzzy (who just has a baked potato handy to launch at people that make you mad?) (I don’t even have that, and I write an entire blog about potatoes!), what we do know is that this baked potato slammed into another vehicle. As a result, “potato shrapnel” got all over the three people inside. Imagine their surprise when they didn’t get a middle finger thrown at them, but rather a baked potato.┬áIn the end, the one that threw the potato got a ticket for disorderly conduct.

First off, what would this guy say to future employers that could potentially see this on his record? “Oh yeah, I got mad at this person that cut me off. Naturally, I threw a potato at them.” Imagine that job interview.

Second, how dare he waste a perfectly good potato? He could’ve eaten it. That’s literally a potato’s purpose. So much anger. He needs a long look in the mirror.

Lastly, imagine being the car that got hit with the potato. One second, you’re just driving along and the next, you have potato bits all over you.

In the end, there are so many better ways to express your anger at terrible drivers. Chucking a potato at them is simply not the answer.

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